True to Life

Raw Local Hemp Honey

Our raw local hemp-infused honey is the perfect sweetener to give your favorite food or beverage an extra boost CBD goodness. Made with honey sourced by local New Jersey bees, we let Mother Nature take the lead on this one.

True to Life Raw Local Hemp Honey contains only two ingredients: locally sourced organic honey and locally grown organic hemp. End of story.

Benefits of Hemp-infused Honey

On its own, honey is proven to aid in seasonal allergy relief and help with digestive issues. We've combined those healing powers with hemp extract, which has been linked with pain relief and helping with anxiety , dpression, and a slew of other common ailments.

Our Raw Local Hemp Honey is a super-super food!

Can help relieve physical pain

Can help reduce anxiety and depression

May alleviate cancer-related symptoms

May aid in the reduction of acne

Linked to improving heart circulatory health

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