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What does Yoga mean to you?

Like some we once looked at yoga as just a bunch of stretches, incense, and psychedelic looking dancing elephants. However we gave it a try, and pysically it felt different, it felt good! We took it further and gave it more attention. We opened our minds to it’s teachings and concepts, we tried it’s varieties of practices and found there is something powerful here. Yoga literally means “union”, “junction”, or “connection” and we are becoming more familiar with the benefits of it’s great physical exercises, but yoga can be much more for anyone who wants to take it there. Simply put it bridges the voids we may have in our lives. Our fears, our anxieties, our stress, we all have them, and they can hold us back from our full potential and enjoyment of the life experience. Yoga can bridge that gap. …and it may sound a little far out, but it worked for us, so we have been extremely motivated to share & serve with the practice of yoga. We believe on the other side of “the gap” or “the voids” we may have in our lives a waits unconditional love… WE ALL DESERVE THAT! …and love is always worth it, always empowering. We’d love you to come yoga with use and have a great time doing it!

or in our yoga studio!

Monday – Friday: 4:30 am – 10 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 7 am – 1 pm

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